Help Page – Sailing Details

Our Sailing Details page contains real-time information for the route selected. When the page has loaded, always double-check the route name at the top. The route name is presented with the departure terminal first and the arrival terminal last (e.g. Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay). If you were looking for the page showing a different terminal of departure, use the back button on your browser and select again.

Web cam images appear first on the Sailing Details page. These provide views of highway approaches to the terminal and appropriate lanes within the terminal compound (depending on the route selected). Check the blue title bar above the web cam images for information on what is being shown. For a larger view, just click on the image.

Web cam images update automatically every 60 seconds. The date and time of the last update appear in the blue title bar opposite the ‘Traffic Outside’ and ‘Traffic To’ indicators. They also appear on the expanded web cam image. If date and time do not look current, click the Refresh button on your browser.

NOTE: Web cam images provide a visual snapshot of terminal traffic conditions at the time of the latest update, but they only tell part of the story. Also check Sailing Waits and Total Deck Space Committed information when using this page to plan your travels with us. Remember, conditions can change rapidly – an empty terminal can become a very busy place within a matter of minutes!

Car Waits and Oversize Waits appear to the right of the web cam images.

The number beside Car Waits indicates how long drivers of non-reserved vehicles up to 7 feet in height can expect to wait. For example, if you see a "0", it means vehicles arriving at the terminal at the time of the update will board the next scheduled sailing. If you see a "1", they will not board the next sailing, but will be loaded onto the one after that. If you see "POSS", it won't be long before a 1 sailing wait is posted.

The number beside Oversize Waits indicates how long drivers of non-reserved vehicles over 7 feet in height can expect to wait. Again, this applies to vehicles arriving at the terminal at the time of the posted update.

Sailing Details appear next on the screen. The blue title bar shows the sailing for which details are presented (e.g.: ‘Sailing Details: 1:00 PM’ means that the information presented applies to the 1:00 PM departure) and gives you an opportunity to select a future sailing using a convenient drop-down menu. Click on the arrow in the drop-down box, then click on the sailing of your choice to view details.

On each Sailing Details page, you'll see a summary graph under the webcam images called Total Deck Space Committed.

This shows how much deck space has already been allocated through ticket sales or reservations. The summary graph includes both Passenger Vehicle Deck Space and Mixed Vehicle Deck Space, and represents an at-a-glance snapshot of how full a given sailing is. Note that the graph does not take into account un-ticketed traffic outside of the terminal, which can be viewed via the webcam images.

If you click on the More >> link located just under the summary graph, a pop-up window appears containing more detailed information.

Two graphs are shown here. One shows how much of our Passenger Vehicle Deck Space is committed (upper vehicle decks where cars and other vehicles up to 7 feet high are loaded) and the other shows how much of our Mixed Vehicle Deck Space is committed (on the main vehicle deck where a variety of vehicle sizes are accommodated).

Note that the two percentages do not add up to the total percentage value identified on the Total Deck Space Committed summary graph because overall deck space is not always divided equally between cars and oversized vehicles.

Be advised that the conditions reported are as at the timestamp on the page, and actual traffic conditions and vessel load details become more dynamic as departure time nears.

Links to more important information appear under the Sailing Details box:

Service Notices (Click to view notices posted for this route. If the icon displays grey, no notices have been posted)

Parking (The percentage shows how full parking facilities at this terminal are as of the latest update)

Actual Departure Times (Click to see if we’re sailing on time)

Terminal Conditions (Click to view Current Conditions at all of our Major Terminals)

Help (Linking to this page)

Rate This Page (Three short questions so you can tell us what you think of our Current Conditions info on the web)

Useful Links appear at the bottom of the page…just click to view. Or use the convenient drop-down menu to select Sailing Details for another route.

For additional information, call toll-free: 1-888-BC FERRY (1-888-223-3779). If you are calling from outside British Columbia, phone us at (250) 386-3431.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!